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HP OEM Inkjet # 95 Color

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OEM?Code : C8766WN / 95
For : DeskJet 460 C8150A, DeskJet 5740, DeskJet 5740xi, DeskJet 5940, DeskJet 5940xi C9057A, DeskJet 6520, DeskJet 6520xi, DeskJet 6540, DeskJet 6540dt, DeskJet 6540xi, DeskJet 6620 C9034A, DeskJet 6620xi C9056A, DeskJet 6830, DeskJet 6840, DeskJet 6840dt, DeskJet 6840xi, DeskJet 9800, DeskJet 9800d C8166B, DeskJet D4145, DeskJet D4155, DeskJet D4160, DeskJet D4163, DeskJet D4168, OfficeJet 100 Mobile Printer, OfficeJet 2710, OfficeJet 6200 All-In-One, OfficeJet 6205, OfficeJet 6210, OfficeJet 6210v, OfficeJet 6210xi, OfficeJet 6310 All-In-One, OfficeJet 6310v, OfficeJet 6310xi All-In-One, OfficeJet 7210, OfficeJet 7210v, OfficeJet 7210xi, OfficeJet 7310, OfficeJet 7310xi, OfficeJet 7410, OfficeJet 7410xi, OfficeJet H470 CB026A, OfficeJet H470b CB027A, OfficeJet H470wbt CB028A, OfficeJet H470wf CB064A, PhotoSmart 2575, PhotoSmart 2575v, PhotoSmart 2575xi, PhotoSmart 2610, PhotoSmart 2610v, PhotoSmart 2610xi, PhotoSmart 2710, PhotoSmart 2710xi, PhotoSmart 325, PhotoSmart 325v, PhotoSmart 325xi, PhotoSmart 375, PhotoSmart 375b, PhotoSmart 375v, PhotoSmart 420, PhotoSmart 422, PhotoSmart 422v, PhotoSmart 422xi, PhotoSmart 425 Q7070A, PhotoSmart 425v Q7071A, PhotoSmart 428 Q7080A, PhotoSmart 428v Q7082A, PhotoSmart 428xi Q7081A, PhotoSmart 475, PhotoSmart 475v, PhotoSmart 475xi, PhotoSmart 7830, PhotoSmart 7850, PhotoSmart 8150, PhotoSmart 8150v, PhotoSmart 8150xi, PhotoSmart 8450, PhotoSmart 8450xi, PhotoSmart 8750, PhotoSmart C3110, PhotoSmart C3135, PhotoSmart C3140, PhotoSmart C3180, PhotoSmart C4110 All-in-One, PhotoSmart C4140 All-in-One, PhotoSmart C4150 All-in-One, PhotoSmart C4180 All-In-One, PhotoSmart D5069 Q8485A, PhotoSmart D5145, PhotoSmart D5155, PhotoSmart D5156, PhotoSmart D5160 Q7091A, PhotoSmart Pro B8350, PSC 1600, PSC 1610, PSC 1610v, PSC 1610xi, PSC 2350, PSC 2355, PSC 2355v, PSC 2355xi

Type : OEM Product
Category : InkJet
Color : Tri-Color
Yield : 260


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